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Live interview about current technology adoption in Energy

by kirkcoburn
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I have relocated to Nantucket this summer to ride out these surreal times. The birds start talking at 4:10am, the sun is up by 5am. My first stop is to warm up the espresso machine…this year, I finally made it to drinking my strong americano straight (no more Laird Hamilton’s super food creamer). My second stop is to drive down the road to check the surf. Sure, I check the apps (surf report app (2 of them), wind direction app, the tide chart app, and of course, the weather app in Fahrenheit (and then try to convert to Celsius: (61°F − 32) × 5/9 = 16.111°C), and finally Google the ocean temperature: 16.4°C…and then reconvert back into Fahrenheit which equals a 2mm or more wetsuit)..however nothing beats the real thing. I park and watch the ocean. Nothing, flat, majestic…I sip my coffee in my skull cap, hoodie, and flip flops. To my left sit a few mounted surfers and to my right a dozen or more. All of us are hoping for a swell, but find ourselves content on the beauty of nature. No surf today…but being here watching seals crest the ocean water in playful curiosity is enough for us to take the day…nothing beats the outside world…back to the computer…

Founders and investors interested in energy, please watch my latest musings on what is happening with energy technology adoption. This has never been a better time to solve the world’s energy problems. Come join me! I just discussed my latest thoughts with ONS Energy Talk. Thank you Ann Ekern.

Is now the right time to be an entrepreneur and raise capital? Listen and let me know your thoughts. And if you find yourself close to a great break and there is a swell, post photos!

Stay tuned…next week, I am going to write about blockchain and the myriad opportunities to apply it in energy. Is blockchain a hammer looking for a nail? In some cases yes, but in energy, there are myriad use cases currently being applied…and its working (massive reduction in costs, increase in transparency and security, and better future proofing).

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