Leadville 100 Race Report: Twin Lakes to Half Moon: Miles 60.5 to 69.5

Leadville 100 Race Report: Twin Lakes to Half Moon: Miles 60.5 to 69.5

by kirkcoburn
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The one story out of the aid station is this (JASON ARE YOU LISTENING), I loved and enjoyed every aid station. I sat down. I ate. I talked to my crew.  I changed my trail shoes for my brooks street shoes (ahhhhh).

Coburn at Every Aid Station: Calm, Cool and Loving the Chair

Day Chair and current chapter secretary of team T-Rex, David Bixby, led me out of Twin Lakes up into what I consider the most psychedelic portion of the trail. It was getting dark and both of my IT bands were shot. In the first 5 minutes, we caught up to Cindy Henges. Poor thing. She was not happy and did not feel well. We moved on and never saw her again until less than a minute shy of 30 hours on the red carpet. Her finish was inspiring and showed me that her heart is as big as my tongue. Wow.

Now, Bixby is also the Executive (CEO) pastor at Austin Ridge church. If a church can make David Bixby a senior executive pastor, there is hope for us sinners yet. I mean it. “It’s good knowin’ he’s out there. The Dude. Takin’ ‘er easy for all us sinners…”. Bixby was my Dude for the next few hours. I do not remember anything about the run except that Bixby pushed me to run when I could and allowed me to talk about the hypocritical church-goers (I was complaining for the first time about other people who really represented the man in the mirror: me…what an oxymoron for sure…Leadville…dig deep). Since a man of the cloth was with us, I figured that God spared me from a lightning bolt up the a**. Well, instead, I was just given the “to the pain” treatment:


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Leadville 100 Race Report – Looking Back – kirkcoburn February 1, 2016 - 1:31 am

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