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Where to Invest in Energy and Live to Tell About It

by kirkcoburn
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I was born to be a journeyman. I am a dreamer that has put ideas into action: 4½ successful startups, running numerous ultramarathons including the Leadville Trail 100, playing golf on a few of the world’s most prestigious tracks, surfing in amazing destinations, and being hired by one of the largest companies in the world to help them lead the energy transition.

After starting the largest management consulting company providing chief marketing officers services to mid-size companies in the United States, I decided to set my sights on a new challenge that would retire my journeyman ways and take a lifetime to learn, understand, and prove that my skills and passion could hang.

In 2010, I began investing into energy technology entrepreneurs solving the world’s energy problems. Many of you (entrepreneurs, investors, customers, mentors, and other key stakeholders) know the highs and lows, successes and failures. Over 50+ investments later, I have decided to write again and tell stories about my adventures as an investor, board member, advisor, and fellow entrepreneur.

Please follow my musings and participate. The good news is that the digital revolution and energy transition is finally upon us… the bad news is that most of the investors in this space have not produced the risk adjust returns necessary. There are new players entering seeing the opportunity. And there are a few incumbents that are still playing for redemption. Stay tuned as I opine on where to invest in energy and live to tell about it.

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