As I ran down Treeline and into the woods up to Half Moon, I was in a great mood. This is where I really struggled during the training camp two months earlier. I was ready for pain and knew that if I did hurt, it was temporary. It was during this section that something began to bother me. My right IT BAND was in pain. Having never had this issue before in training, I was frustrated BUT the great Ken Chlouber said something during the pre-race meeting: DIG DEEP (once again….):

I came here to suffer and earn a buckle. If my legs were already starting to fatigue, that was Leadville. As I strolled into Half Moon aid station, I remembered another key pre-race warning: do not take Tylenol or Pain meds, it might really hurt you like the woman that went into ICU in blah blah blah. So, I decided to just feel the pain. Oh yeah, I caught Jason. We sat next to each other in side-by-side port o potties before heading out of Moon Shadow. I wish we could have held hands…

Written by kirkcoburn

Founder & Managing Director @SURGEVentures, Founder @SiriusXMPGATOUR, Founder @ChiefOutsiders, @LTRaceSeries Buckle Holder, Blessed Husband & Father


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