As I left May Queen and headed to the Colorado Trail, my stomach started to turn nasty. I fortunately ran into Jason Lippman who was having issues of his own and ran with him. While my stomach did not feel good (the video that I shot reminded me of the pain), I felt ecstatic for being in the race. Jason and I ran the Hagerman road up to the Sugarloaf climb.

This was easy for me. When we hit the peak and started the decline, I was extremely confident that my downhill legs were ready to bomb down powerline. This turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE but I wanted to get to Windfield early.  As I hit the road into Fish Hatchery, I felt great. My stomach issues finally went away as I pounded 2 gels down my system, popped a few salt tablets and drank my EFS flooded water. I videoed the cheering crowd and thankfully saw my crew. At this moment, I was so excited. I still get chills just writing about it. I made it 20 minutes under my plan. I checked in and out of Fish and talked to the surrogate crew (Lippman’s crew) while preparing for the run to Twin Lakes.

Written by kirkcoburn

Founder & Managing Director @SURGEVentures, Founder @SiriusXMPGATOUR, Founder @ChiefOutsiders, @LTRaceSeries Buckle Holder, Blessed Husband & Father


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